The Davy Lamp

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Product: The Davy Lamp

Fashioned after a traditional Davy lamp used by British coal miner’s to detect leaking firedamp, this fixture eventually came into more widespread use in the 1960s by mariners and yachtsmen the world over. The Davy Lamp makes for a handsome addition to any room and will come in handy during a power loss. We were struck not only by the amount of light this lamp sheds, but also the quality of workmanship and attention to detail: it is built from a hefty solid brass, the glass work and seams are virtually airtight, and each one is individually numbered.

  • Solid brass construction (cast and tooled)
  • 30 hrs burn time 
  • 5 oz oil container capacity
  • Individually numbered
  • 10″ tall, 3.5″ diameter
  • 3.25 lbs
  • Made in Taiwan