Terrarium Bottle Moss

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Product: Terrarium Bottle Moss

Moss (Dormant Broom and Sheet Moss) This complete kit comes with all you need to start a moss terrarium in a repurposed wine bottle.

Rehydrate the moss and create your own moss-scape full of wonder, perfect for any office desk or table.

Care is simple, mist your moss terrarium bottle every 2-4 days.

Personalize your moss-scape with small mementos to create your own miniature landscape.

  • Includes: dormant broom and sheet moss, upcycled wine bottle, recycled glass pebbles for drainage, soil-less growing medium, bamboo ‘chopstick’ tool, ribbon band for base, directions.
  • Bottle size 7-3/4″ long x 2-3/4″ diam.
  • Weight:1.25 LBS