Tembea Large Delivery Tote

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Product: Tembea Large Delivery Tote
Color: Black
Retailer: OEN
brand: Tembea
A truly functional bag is this superb carry tote by TEMBEA, made in Japan out of dark black linen. It goes by the name of the ‘Delivery Tote’ as it’s perfect for carrying a larger array of items than some of the other bags in the collection, it’s also quite wide once open.
One of my favourite uses for this bag is that you can fit a newspaper or a magazine neatly behind the handles at the back of the bag, it slots in perfectly and wil stay in place. As with all of TEMBEA’s linen range, the cotton is woven on an old shuttle loom and is treated with a special wax for added water resistance. The handle is made out of 100% leather in black and the canvas body features a ‘TEMBEA – Torso Design’ screen print on the front of the bag in black.

Approx Measurements: 35cm Height 48cm in Width