Tazo Tea African Red Bush

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Product: Tazo Tea African Red Bush
Retailer: DrVita.com
brand: Tazo

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The Reincarnation of Tea. Caffeine Free.

A Rich Red African Infusion with Hibiscus Flowers and Lemon. Tazo African Red Bush is a complex blend of the legendary red bush tea of South Africa, a bewitching hint of hibiscus flowers, lemon and sweet spices. We’ve added a pinch of rosemary, along with some unintelligible incantations, of which, only those who’ve lived several lifetimes can decipher. In the color of its amber liquor you can sometimes catch the blazing rays of an ancient, flaming sunset over the Great Rift Valley.

Throughout history, Tazo has emerged among the more advanced cultures of the day as a refreshing break from routine. The discovery of red bush in Africa is thought to have been brought to mankind by the eternal tea shaman Zodnas, who is variously depicted in ancient carvings as a bird, a star, and a talking rock. His seal, the wheel of Tazo appears on top of this package as a sign of good luck.