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Product: Tamora

Tamora (Austamora)

One of our earlier varieties and still a very worthwhile rose. It is closely related to the old Gloire de Dijon and it has inherited both its lovely glistening apricot color and its delicious fragrance. It forms a short bush, suitable either for rose bed or border. The flowers are at first attractively rounded, opening to a shallow cup.

It has a remarkable and unusual fragrance with aspects of lilac and mimosa.

The name comes from Shakespeare’s play,'Titus Andronicus'.

  • Category English Roses (English Rose Collection)
  • Bred By David Austin
  • Color Apricot
  • Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
  • Size Medium Shrub
  • Hardiness Hardy
  • Fragrance Lilac and mimosa. (Strong)
  • Repeating Good
  • Special Characteristics Stays short in warm climates.