SuiSui Self Watering Planter

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Product: SuiSui Self Watering Planter
Color: Clear
Retailer: Lotus Mart

Sui’(吸)means “˜absorb’ in Japanese. SuiSui is an Arita self-watering planter which applies an innovative porous ceramic rod to draw water to the plant roots through capillary action from bottom up. MADE in JAPAN. A collaboration product of KYUEMON and Dentsu Kyushu Inc.  

Free from watering:As long as the rod extended downward from the planter bottom is in touch with water in the glass container, your plant will supply itself with the amount of water needed for optimal growth for up to 2-3 weeks

  • Time Saving: No need for frequent watering. Time and water saving.  
  • NO OVER-WATERING: only necessary amount is absorbed by capillary action, crucial to plant sustainability.
  • Easy MIX & MATCH:The planter shape is highly compatible with any water containers of different materials between 8cm-10.5cm in diameter at the rim. 
  • Compact design of planter: Perfect for small plants and gardening in small spaces such as office. 
  • Good for gift: Made from Arita high-quality white porcelain. A great gift for both experienced and beginner gardener.

Product size : 

  • Planter 7cm (Height) x 10.5cm (Width) / 0.130kg
  • SuiSui Rod   8cm/ 0.010kg

About the Brand: KYUEMON

Designed and Made in Japan. An Arita porcelain brand. A forerunner of incorporating eco-friendly concept into Arita porcelain products. With the belief of “˜Ceramic is not only an object of art but also a potential ECO-friendly product’, its founder Minoru Kubota was dedicated to exploring porous ceramic technology and rewarded by the Science and Technology Office of the Japanese Government in 1996 for his innovative applications of porous ceramic applications to ECO field. Products range from traditional Arita tablewares to self-watering planter and porous ceramic filter.