Succulent Plant – Baby Toes

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Product: Succulent Plant – Baby Toes
Retailer: Succulent Oasis

The Baby Toes Fenestraria aurantiaca is very interesting to observe, each one has a translucent top where the sunlight is filtered through to allow photosynthesis.

Hardy to 32F and can grow 2″ tall.

You will receive a succulent from a 2-1/2 inch pot with a well established root system. It will come “barefoot” meaning out of the soil, wrapped and packaged in a USPS Priority mail box that will arrive to you within 2-3 work days when it is shipped. I can pack 4 – 5 in a box so Please convo me if you need larger quantities.

These look great in mixed bowls, planters and more. They work great for a baby shower gifts as well.