Succulent Cuttings – String Of Pearl

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Product: Succulent Cuttings – String Of Pearl
Retailer: Ebay

This listing is for 30 beautiful succulents from 9 different varieties as shown in the first pic 😉 They come in sizes from 2-5 inches in length.

Great item for DIY living wall arrangement, or any other DIY gardening projects! The succulents are cut the day they are shipped to you 🙂

Succulent plants are among the hardiest, most drought-tolerant in the world and very easy to maintain, as long as they are planted in a porous cactus/succulent soil, given proper drainage, daily light, and not over watered.

I package my succulents very well in sturdy boxes. The succulents will ship bare root. This means that they won’t come with any soil. This is a safe and healthy way to ship.