Stipa gigantea

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Product: Stipa gigantea

Giant Stipa Grass “Giant Feather Grass”

Tall, stately & distinguished, “Giant Feather Grass” is the perfect specimen grass (you only need one for a great look). Growing to 6’ tall, it’s extra valuable because it blooms early in June & July rather than in Fall like so many others. As the flowers unfurl, they shimmer in the light & rustle in the slightest breeze & are beautiful backlit by the setting sun. The arching foliage reaches only 18” tall & forms a tidy clump. The flowering stems are strong & erect & are very long lasting in bouquets. An excellent choice for adding height & structure to the garden! Water generously until established after which it can tolerate drought. Well-drained soil – no clay – is best.

  • Size: 4-in.