Staub Basil Enameled Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle

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Product: Staub Basil Enameled Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle
Retailer: Big Kitchen
Designer: Francis Staub
Color: Green
brand: Staub

A synthesis of traditional, modern and international style, Staub’s teapot brings eye-catching grace to the contemporary kitchen. The round design mixes Staub’s signature colors with Japanese accents, including innovative details like a removable infusion ball and stainless steel handles. Each piece of Staub cookware has been personally designed by Mr. Francis Staub and individually crafted in a sand mold. The molds are destroyed after each use, ensuring that your piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Enameled cast iron is a traditional and strong material, perfect for low heat cooking. It retains heat better than any material, including stainless steel and aluminum. The equal distribution of heat will eliminate hot spots, allowing you to cook the most delicate dishes. This kettle is backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Staub Round Tea Kettle
  • Basil green enameled cast iron
  • Hand-crafted for a one of a kind creation
  • Equal distribution of heat to eliminate hot spots
  • Great for serving your guests while dressing up the table
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Origin : France
  • Measurements : 1 quart capacity