Stainless Steel Garden Shower

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Product: Stainless Steel Garden Shower
Retailer: Manufactum

The water is supplied via a garden hose (easy to attach with our brass connector ring). The shower comes delivered in 2 separate parts, which are simply put into one another.

  • Materials – stainless steel and brass (some chromed).
  • Rubber washers.
  • 1.5-mm. shower pipe, outer diameter 27 mm.
  • Shower head 15 cm í˜. Foot stand 22 x 16 cm.
  • Overall height 212 cm, height of shower 199 cm, depth 35 cm.
  • Weight 4.5 kg.
  • Materials to fix shower to ground and spare washers included.
  • Wooden platform not included.

Form and Function – from France.

The art that conceals art – made in France, this garden shower, with its simple, elegant lines, hardly betrays at first glance how much care and attention has been lavished on choice of materials and finish. “˜Simple’ in the cast-and-carry sense it certainly is not! The pipe is of 1.5-mm. thick solid stainless steel – and, needless to say, rust-proof, as are the joints (made of polished brass) and the chromed brass shower-head with its direction-adjustable ball joint. The water is turned on and off by a brass tap at hip height.

It’s only a garden shower, some may say – why bother with quality? We see the matter quite differently. It’s a false economy to buy cheap, low-quality goods that you have to throw away after a year. Apart from looking good, this garden shower will give you and your family good service for a very long time. Oh, and we forgot to mention – the pipe has a small steel plate at the bottom with four holes for screwing on to a solid base.