SS Dual-Use Steam or Water Bath Canner

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Product: SS Dual-Use Steam or Water Bath Canner
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Silver

Victorio VKP1055 Stainless Steel Dual-Use Steam or Water Bath Canner

Can’t decide between water bath and steam canning? The Victorio stainless steel dual use canner can do both! Innovative canning rack allows you to use the same canner for both water bath and steam canning jobs. Built-in thermometer with three color-coded elevation settings eliminates guesswork and makes timing a snap. Large stainless steel 24-quart liquid capacity pot can be used as normal stock pot when canning season is over. Water bath capacity: 8 pints or 7 quarts. Steam capacity: 9-pints, 8-quarts, or 5-half-gallons. Not recommended for use on smooth top ranges. Heavy weight with prolonged high heat can damage some flat cooktops. Important: Steam canners and water-bath canners are not recommended for canning low-acid foods. Please consult a reliable guide before canning.

  • Built in Thermometer with 3 elevation zones
  • 18/8 Stainless steel with double sided wire rack so you can process steam or water bath method
  • Water bath canning jar capacity, 8-pint or 7-quart
  • Steam canning jar capacity, 9-pints, 8-quart or 5-half gallons
  • 24-Quart liquid capacity; 4-year warranty; Not recommended for use on smooth top ranges