Spun Metal Planter

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Product: Spun Metal Planter
Color: Silver

The trumpet like shape of this Spun Metal Planter resulted from a manufacturing mistake that happened when we were cutting a metal blank size for a recent wastebasket prototype. The blank was too big, so the spinner ran out of room when forming the lip of the wastebasket and the result was this flared out form – which we loved. The one-off accident became a succulent planter on our porch, and quickly got a lot of interest from visiting friends. At their urging, we did a run of 25 planters and made a short film of the process. If you look at the grain of the aluminum carefully, you can see how spinning the form in the air rather than on the wooden mold results in a completely different finish on the flared neck.

  • 12.5″³ Wide by 11″³ Tall