Spice Island Rosemary

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Product: Spice Island Rosemary

Spice Island is a pungent flavored Rosemary, wonderful for cooking and a beautiful specimen plant. Its distinct upright habit, bluish flowers, and wonderfully fragrant foliage make this an ideal plant for topiaries. ‘Spice Island’ is perfect for pots. Bring indoors for winter to enjoy the fresh herb year-round. Use with meats, potatoes, and herbed breads. This is a frequently used culinary Rosemary. Its scent is complex, with a hint of cloves and nutmeg. Spice Island Rosemary is commonly dried and ground to sell as dried rosemary in stores. It works well fresh as well.

  • botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis
  • perennial zones 7-9
  • height 24-30″
  • spacing 18-24″ apart
  • full sun tolerant, partial shade
  • dry-average, well-drained soil
  • flower color blue
  • uses in garden: great in containers, cut foliage, drought tolerant, evergreen, fragrant,
  • use in chicken, pork, lamb, rice, tomato dishes, herb butters, potpourri and sachets
  • attracts honey bees
  • deer resistant, repels carrot flies outdoors and moths indoors