Sola Brass Wall Planter

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Product: Sola Brass Wall Planter
Retailer: Rowen & Wren

Our striking Brass wall planters are perfect for displaying florals, herbs and trailing plants to brighten your exterior or interior walls. Strong and durable, each planter is beautifully curved with a flat back and fixing holes to ensure that they fit neatly against your wall or fence. With adequate drainage at the base of the planter you are free to plant anything within them – be creative by grouping flora and fauna to compliment your outside space. Ideal for adding greenery to small gardens or adding a metallic accent to larger ones, our brass wall planters will patina over time which only adds to their character and beauty.

  • Large Height 23cm, Width 43cm.
  • Small Height 17cm, Width 31cm.

Prices range from £42.00 to £62.00