Sneeboer Pointed Spades

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Product: Sneeboer Pointed Spades
brand: Sneeboer

The Sneeboer Pointed Spade is a traditional design but all those years of history haven’t dulled the effectiveness of this extremely effective spade; boring into difficult ground isn’t a problem and neither is navigating around crowded borders.

As with all full size Sneeboer tools, the pointed garden spade is manufactured with a longer handle to help reduce back pain – the overall length of the spade is 116cm – and give you extra thrust on the downstroke. Combine this power with the clinical point of the blade and you can see why compacted, stony and neglected soil puts up little resistance!

The Sneeboer pointed spade head is as tough as it is efficient too; hand forged from stainless steel in Holland, it’ll put in years of digging service in the garden, ably assisted by the quality ash handle.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have rough spoil to dig over, paradoxically you’re lucky enough to call on the Sneeboer pointed spade!

  • Sneeboer Pointed Spade fitted with solid ash handle
  • Overall length is 116cm
  • Stainless steel blade measures 18cm at widest point
  • Designed for boring through stony soil
  • Excellent for breaking up compacted and neglected soil
  • Traditional design
  • Similar tools used by navvies to construct railways
  • Long handle means less stress on back