Sheet Steel Rain Barrel

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Product: Sheet Steel Rain Barrel
Color: Green
Retailer: Manufactum

A Barrel with overflow, lid and 33.5 cm high pedestal. Made of hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated green sheet steel. There is a brass tap with hose fitting at a height of 29.5 cm. Total height 120 cm, 52 cm dia. Capacity 150 l. Total weight 23.2 kg.

Rain barrel with tap.

From this 150-l barrel standing on a pedestal, the water can go directly into the watering can or pail, or, if it is full enough and there is enough pressure, even into a hose. (With the tap, you can also empty the whole barrel easily.) A 10 cm í¸ hole in the lid allows attaching it to a downspout from a house or building.