Sea Holly – Blue Glitter

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Product: Sea Holly – Blue Glitter

Blue Starfish in the Sun

  • 5.5 In Pot

Sea Holly Blue Glitter, Eryngium planum ‘Blue Glitter’, is the one to place in that hot, sunny spot in your landscape!

Eryngium ‘Blue Glitter’ won the Fleuroselect Gold Medal award in 2007 and is loved by florists as well as gardeners.

This Sea Holly has distinctive blue spiny flowers that are produced on 8″ silver-blue stems that stand high above blue-green deep toothed basal leaves.

‘Blue Glitter’ adds stature to the perennial garden and longer vase life to arrangements.

A durable plant, ‘Blue Glitter’ performs in a variety of climates, but truly thrives in hot, sunny conditions.

Preferring rich fertile soils but tolerant in more demanding settings, ‘Blue Glitter’ adapts to almost any setting that has well drained soils.

Eryngium does not like to be overwatered, and it will spread to form a small patch in a hot sunny aea.

You will find that the flower color tends to be more intense in higher temperatures.

Plant this ‘Blue Glitter’ in a sunny location and you will be glad you did.

It will add unique color and texture to your garden and will also provide your home with lovely floral bouquets!

  • Blue Spiny Star Fish Flowers
  • Loves Sun, Heat, and Drier Soils
  • Compact Spreading Plant
  • Family     Eryngium Blue Glitter
  • Foliage     Blue Green
  • Mature Height     6 to 8 inches
  • Mature Spread     8 to 12 inches
  • Soil     Widely adaptable
  • Zones     4-8
  • Moisture     Moderate
  • Mature Form     Mounding
  • Growth Rate     Moderate
  • Sun Exposure     Full sun
  • Flower Color     Blue