Sally Holmes

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Product: Sally Holmes

A strong-growing climber. Large, almost single, creamy white flowers are produced in large bunches. The individual flowers have a refined charm. If this rose has a fault, it is that the flowers can sometimes be too closely packed in the cluster on the strong, main stems. On the side branches it is quite a different matter as here we have fewer flowers which can show off their delicate refinement to perfection. A free-flowering rose that is nearly always in bloom. Light fragrance. It can also be grown as a vigorous shrub.

  • 8 to 10ft.
  • Category : Shrub Roses (Modern Shrub Roses)
  • Bred By : Holmes
  • Color : Creamy-white
  • Flower Type : Single
  • Size : Medium Shrub
  • Short Climber
  • Hardiness : Hardy
  • Fragrance : None
  • Repeating : Excellent