Sagina subulata

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Product: Sagina subulata

Sagina subulata spreads rapidly to form a tight-matted carpet. This moss-like shade groundcover reaches only 1″ tall and 15+ wide.
The soft, cushiony green matt of Irish Moss is covered with 100’s of tiny white flowers in spring.
This fast-growing shade ground cover is perfect for edging pathways or planting in between stepping stones where it can root traffic.
Plants grow best in part shade to full shade and benefit from watering during prolonged dry spells.
Great for planting at the base of Hardy Ferns, Hostas, Hydrangeas, Hellebores, & other Shade Plants.
Special Features: Cold Hardy, Deer Resistant, Easy Care, Fast Growing, Tolerates Foot Traffic

  • 1″ tall moss-like Ground Cover for Shade
  • Spreads rapidly to form a soft, cushiony matt
  • Perfect for edging pathways & between stepping stones
  • Thrives in part to full shade
  • Zone 4,5,6,7,8 Blooms Spring
  • 1″ x 15″