Rusa Round Dining Table

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Product: Rusa Round Dining Table
Color: Natural

Rusa is the work of KAA Design, a Los Angeles-based firm known for its work on the homes of Tom Hanks and Larry Ellison, and for commercial spaces like Hugo Boss. With beauty and craft as the cornerstones of their practice, this integrated team of architects and designers worked together to develop this collection. Rusa (2010) is all about casual comfort – an emphasis that was inspired by a trip Grant Kirkpatrick took to New Zealand. By spending time in small vacation homes called “bachs,” where people relax and connect with nature, the designer discovered innovative ways to create a rural retreat without sacrificing clean, contemporary design. He returned home and translated those ideas to the furniture the team was creating, employing simple joinery and classic lines to achieve a modern aesthetic. A set of concentric rings in the center of the Dining Table fits umbrellas of different sizes. Suitable for residential and contract use. Made in Indonesia.

DWR Exclusive

Materials : Responsibly harvested teak, stainless-steel hardware.