Rosa sericea pteracantha

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Product: Rosa sericea pteracantha

Every rose has its thorns, but how many roses would you grow JUST for its prickliest feature? Here’s your one and only: the “Wingthorn Rose” – when backlit, the ostentatious thorns glow blood red the whole length of the stem. Easily one of the most interesting barrier plants I’ve ever met, it’s a super-tough shrub & provides all season interest with its red Fall hips. Lightly fragrant single white flowers to 2″ across are a pleasant plus in late Spring. To have the bloodiest show of thorns, prune the plants severely in Winter to force more new growth, as the color of the thorns will fade as the growing season wears on, and the ferny foliage of the plant fills in. Unmanaged, it will grow 6′ x 6′ with a large “V” shape at maturity. Deciduous & as far as roses go, this one’s as disease free as can be! From China.