Raj Green Sandstone Paving Slabs

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Product: Raj Green Sandstone Paving Slabs
Retailer: Rock Unique

Extremely popular, the Raj indian sandstone (also known as Rajpura, Raj Green Sandstone, Raj paving or simply Raj Sandstone) offers many of the colours and patterns of the traditional Yorkstone, to the extent that it is often referred to as Indian Yorkstone. If the phrase Indian sandstone refers to any particular Indian sandstone paving, it is without doubt this wonderful raj paving material.

This raj green indian sandstone paving is available in 9 standard sizes and 2 extra large sizes. The new standard size of 560 x 140 is a useful addition to the family of sizes for regular paving but it is particularly useful in some special situations. As a relatively narrow strip it is great for edging patios and planting areas as well as providing the option of using more sizes on paths. This size finds use as exterior stone parquet, either in lines or in striking raj sandstone herringbone patterns.

The extra large sizes are really large and a few can make a real difference in the look of a patio! Mixing all the sizes of the indian raj paving (extra large, large and small) in a random or repeating pattern improves the visual impact of the raj sandstone.

Extra large sizes are priced separately from the standard sizes.