Rainbow Trout – Japanese Fish Art

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Product: Rainbow Trout – Japanese Fish Art

RAINBOW TROUT (Niji Masu) – GYOTAKU print – traditional Japanese fish art – by dowaito

Gyotaku fish reproduction print of a Rainbow Trout, or ‘Niji Masu’ in Japanese) rubbing, faithful to the original Japanese style of creating memorable prints for the avid fisherman; simple and monochromatic.
Handsome and would be VERY stunning behind a glass frame on any wall of ones home or office. Personally, this is one of my favorite prints as it is strong, exotic, unique and has a lot of impact on people.

Makes a great gift for that special angler, nature lover or any one who loves fish and appreciates this unique Japanese art form. One of our most popular and beautiful, freshwater gamefish! If you’ve caught one or know someone who loves to catch trout, this print would make a great conversation piece for that special room or office.

This particular image (rainbow trout) has been reproduced on a 12×18 professional grade, high quality photo paper.