Quadra Grow Light – Small

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Product: Quadra Grow Light – Small
Retailer: Bulbo
brand: Bulbo

For those who believe that technology has a soul, the elegant Quadra brings sunlight at home all year long. LED powered, it emits a coloured light which is the combination of several selected light frequencies enabling to keep your vegetables, herbs, and house plants* happy and growing all year round.

Entirely made of white varnished aluminium, lightweight and flexible, the Quadra is conceptualized to fit all spaces and surfaces and it also lends green thumbs a helping hand in terms of cultivating a stylish interior. The side knobs allow for height extension (up to 50 cm) and rotation of the structure in several positions in order to follow every stage of the plant growth. It comes in two sizes, both incredibly energy-efficient (from 14 up to 21 watt). This locally-produced wonder makes it easy to transform the darkest corners of your apartment into a lush oasis.

Mechanical timer included in the pack.