Professional Gardener’s Digging Tool

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Product: Professional Gardener’s Digging Tool
Retailer: Garrett Wade

There is something very impressive about this rugged tool. 12″ long, it’s designed and made by a USA firm that only makes tools for the professional arborist/gardener.

Professionals need to work with tools that are super-sturdy. The 7″ long, curved blade is welded at a right angle to the handle, and one edge is deeply serrated–and sharp–to cut roots and vines. The grip is large, so that it is “all business”, and the hand-guard keeps the knife from burying itself in the soil. The belt loop holster lets you keep it at the ready. And the 41/30 alloy steel blade is specially heat treated for strength. This is a world-class tool that we are very proud of; we think you will agree. 12″ overall.

Made in the USA.