Ponytail Palm Tree

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Product: Ponytail Palm Tree
Retailer: Ty Ty Nursery

Many Japanese bonsai gardens consider the Ponytail Palm Tree perfect for containers. The Ponytail Palm Tree base is topped by stringy leaves that grow into a green canopy of ponytail-like hanging leaves. The Ponytail Palm Tree is very slow growing requiring decades to grow to 4 or 6 feet in height. In Gainsville, FL. huge specimens of the Ponytail Palm Tree clusters can be found growing in outside arboretums in clumps. The Ponytail Palm Tree cannot be grown outside in cooler areas than zone 9 and the plant can be easily grown from seed or offsets from a mother plant of the Ponytail Palm.

Often called the Elephant Foot palm tree, the Ponytail (Bottle) palm tree, Beaucamea recurvata, grows a swollen base, and has a trunk capped with a canopy of (ponytail) leaves. Often grown as a low-light bonsai specimen, the Ponytail palm tree can grow for years and years and slowly grows-easily manageable. Ponytail palm trees are available in variegated forms but are difficult to maintain when compared to the green form of the Ponytail palm trees. The Ponytail Palm tree is very easy to grow and requires only little attention being tolerant of many varying light variations. The Ponytail Palm tree can survive as long as four weeks without watering since the swollen base is a water reservoir much like a hump on a camel’s back.

Prices range from $24.75 to $199.75 depending on the height.