Platanus x acerifloia ‘Suttneri’

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Product: Platanus x acerifloia ‘Suttneri’

An unjustly rare form of sycamore or planetree that caught our attention several years back while wandering the grounds of Boston’s famed Arnold Arboretum. Much like the straight species ‘Sutterni’ forms a majestic specimen best known for its adaptability to tough soils and incredible alabaster exfoliating bark. As an added feature the maple-like leaves of this fine selection are heavily streaked and splashed with white variegation! We find it inspiring when plants are allowed to reach their mature dimensions but also think this cultivar makes a strong statement when grown as a pleached specimen in the back of the shrub border.

  • Species     Platanus x acerifolia
  • Zone     Zone 4
  • Size     1 Year Cutting
  • Native     No
  • Cultivar     ‘Sutterni’