Planteringsbord med plåt vit

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Product: Planteringsbord med plåt vit
Retailer: Garden Home

A planting table is a good investment for those who work a lot in the garden and wounds and School of seedlings often. It gives you a good working height, and makes retraining for a feast.

Planting table has a table lining of the plate for it to last a long time, and you should be able to slop down with soil and water without doing anything. It also has three small drawers where you can store labels, laces, prickelpinnar, seeds and other needed at sowing and retraining.

The shelf during planting table is big and strong and where you can store the soil, pots or anything that will help you in the planting. It is possible to remove, but it is recommended to keep to the table should be quite steady.

Planting table comes in a flat pack and is easily fitted together by the top is lifted at the bottom, and the shelf is attached. It fits guaranteed as nice in the greenhouse and outdoors in the garden or inside the garage. A practical piece of jewelry in your garden or your greenhouse!

  • Height: 83cm incl rim
  • Width: 78cm
  • Depth: 38cm