Pinewood Herb Dryer Rack System

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Product: Pinewood Herb Dryer Rack System
Color: Light Wood
Retailer: Manufactum

Oiled pinewood, gauze bottoms. Height closed 18 cm, open max. 32 cm, width 57 cm, depth 37 cm. Weight 3.8 kg. Comes with description labels.

Herbs drying on their own. The natural way.

This three-tier herb dryer rack system will take any amount of herbs – also apple rings, mushrooms etc. – and dry them naturally (by the circulation of air), not mechanically. It consists of five elements: a top cover to protect from direct sunlight; three gauze bottoms (made of the same tough material used by fruit-growers for hail protection); and a base to keep out cold and wet. It’s been cleverly constructed so that the dryer can be converted to a compact, closed box when not in use; the rack bottoms are then simply turned round 180° when you want to use it, and at the same time a space opens up between the racks that allows the air to circulate. They’ve been provided with grooves that go all the way round for putting in herb description labels.
Only finely planed, piled pinewood has been used with box-jointed corners. Hand-made in Austria.