Picotee Anemone Seeds

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Product: Picotee Anemone Seeds
Retailer: Winterwoods

Return visitors will notice a difference this year. In an effort to offer more variety while simplifying the hand crosses and in hopes of disappointing fewer customers, we are now offering open and self pollinated seed from specific female parent plants. These are our ‘all-stars’, proven performers and particular favorites. In a way this is a hand-off to the next generation of growers and will allow you to do your own hybridizing.

With OPEN pollinated seed the possibilities are infinite and entirely up to the bees. A plant that is SELFED is crossed with its own pollen, this increases the likelihood of offspring with similar characteristics. A specific cross doubles the genetic potential of the offspring, a double crossed with a double is more likely to produce double bloomed offspring. Generally the seed parent (female) determines shape and the pollen parent (male) determines color, but there are no guarantees. We do what we can to increase the odds but delight in the variety when our babies bloom and find them all uniquely beautiful.