Pia Wallen’s Cross Blanket

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Product: Pia Wallen’s Cross Blanket
Retailer: Mjolk
Designer: Pia Wallen

A 100% cotton cotton blanket by Swedish designer Pia Wallen, featuring her iconic Cross pattern.

  • Made in Sweden.
  • Mini: 80 x 125cm
  • Large: 160 x 240cm
  • Reversible blanket.

Here is what Pia had to say about her blanket:

“The Cross Blanket is related to our world famous Crux Blanket which was born in 1991. Pia was intrigued by the values, that a cross represents. In Swedish folk art tradition, the cross is a strong symbol for hope. It has remained an important symbol for Pia WallĂ©n throughout her career.

The new blanket is made of the finest organic cotton. Produced in collaboration with a Swedish company that manufactures environmentally friendly cotton from their own fields in Peru since 1986.”

Prices range from $120.00 CAD to $275.00 CAD