Paxton Gate Wardian Case

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Product: Paxton Gate Wardian Case
Retailer: Paxton Gate

Wardian cases were originally founded in the mid 1800’s by an English doctor named Nathaniel Ward. His enthusiasm for his plant specimen fueled his innovation for the custom built case that eventually became know as the Wardian Case. He noticed that his plants thrived in this environment and also experimented with rearing butterflies and moths inside his cases.

Though we’ve come a long way since Mr. Ward’s discovery, his inventions are still relevant to our lives. The contiued success of the Wardian Case and it’s direct connection to modern terrariums is an example of that. These cases still provide shelter and warmth for moisture loving plants. Plant directly into the metal base or leave in pots for easy rotating. Such cases work well with ferns, carnivorous plants and orchids in addition to many other varieties. They are a beautiful and stylish way to dress up your plants. This petite version is perfect for table top or window sill displays.