Parahebe Perfoliata “Digger’s Speedwell”

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Product: Parahebe Perfoliata “Digger’s Speedwell”

With its clasping & strikingly blue grey foliage, Parahebe perfoliata looks just like a miniature Eucalyptus until it surprises the gardener by terminating the stems with clusters of small lavender blue flowers. It blooms in late Spring to early Summer & if you deadhead the stems, it will bloom again in late Summer & Fall. When needed you can cut it down to the ground to rejuvenate the plant. A sub-shrub usually grown as a clumping perennial, Parahebe grows 1-4′ tall & up to 3′ wide. It grows well in poor soil as well as in good garden soil, thus adaptable to many garden settings. Interestingly, this Eucalyptus look-alike shares habitat with Eucalyptus in New South Wales, Australia, thus it is a good candidate for gardens under Eucalyptus trees. Best in full sun & with average water though it becomes drought tolerant when established. It tolerates brief cold snaps down to 15°F but becomes less hardy after 3 years.