OSun Nomad LED Solar Portable Light

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Product: OSun Nomad LED Solar Portable Light
Designer: Alain Gilles

O’SUN® NOMAD is a most advanced multifunctional LED solar portable light system designed by the Belgian designer Alain Gilles and developed by Swiss engineers to meet a need and to improve the quality of life of its users. In some cases, even bring them into the modern age and/or towards sustainable development.

NOMAD is the perfect light to be used by

Families around the world who do not have access to electricity or have numerous power failures, and, more especially, for families in developing countries, by offering an alternative to kerosene lamps which are responsible for many accidents.

In certain emergency situations such natural or humanitarian disasters.

In the western world by people who want to light a terrace, a garden shelter or use it for camping and benefit from the flexibility of a rechargeable solar lamp, its contemporary appearance and, of course, its ecological dimension.

  • Generous size
  • High quality material
  • Solidity
  • Shock absorption and adherence ring
  • Belgian design and Swiss engineering
  • Easy special design hook to hang-up the NOMAD lamp
  • Multi-use mode: ceiling, hand-held, placed on flat surface, hung on a wall
  • Easy use: 1 light touch button for all functions, 3 lighting positions (100%, 50%,15%)
  • Two Li-On batteries
  • Durable
  • Rainproof

Kit description

  • O’Sun Nomad 2.3W LED
  • Solar module 5W
  • 1 Cable 3.6m

Technical Specifications

Autonomy :

  • Up to 6 hours of light in 100% mode
  • Up to 12 hours of light in 50% mode
  • Up to 35 hours of light in 15% mode.
  • Charge: Full recharge in 6 hours *

Charge mode:

  • Solar panel
  • Home adaptor
  • Car charger
  • Recharge indicator: pass on 15% with a power reserve
  • Switch: Single light touch button for all functions
  • Lighting mode: 3 lighting positions (100%, 50%, 15%)
  • Solar panel: 5W
  • Number of LED: 12 LED
  • Total LED power: 2,3 watts
  • Lumens: LED power 250 lm (100%)
  • IP55
  • Product weight: 690gr

On solar charge mode the minimum time for charging can vary depending on the intensity of sunlight.