Orkney Natural Linen Pinafore

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Product: Orkney Natural Linen Pinafore
Color: Blue
Retailer: Rough Linen

A pinafore is like an apron but better.

I just love my Orkney Natural linen pinafore. It has two deep pockets so your iPhone doesn’t fall out and doesn’t have to mix with your keys.  It wraps around to protect your clothes at the side as well as the front.

Go ahead, dry your hands on it, or pick up the corners to hold things in – apples, laundry, toys. Pocket your hair band or a letter to post so you don’t need to remember. You will look competent and artisanal without channelling a crazed Betty Draper.

We wear them all day long. Last week I wore my pinafore under a jacket to the swanky Left Bank restaurant in Larkspur.   Maybe I went too far.

More than a pinny – it’s a way of life.

Prices start at $60.00