Old Blush Roses

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Product: Old Blush Roses

Old Blush. 

  • China. 
  • (1752) 
  • 3-5 feet. 
  • Flowers repeatedly. 
  • Zones 7-10.

The date given for this variety is when it was first brought to Europe from Calcutta, but it was brought to Calcutta from China long before that.  Many people believe it to be the rose Thomas Moore wrote of in his song, “The Last Rose of Summer”.  One of the first roses to bloom and one of the last “left blooming alone”. The semidouble 2 1/2 inch clear pink flowers are borne in clusters, the color deepening in the sun . . . a characteristic of most China and Tea roses.  The fragrance is fresh and sweet.  One of the main attributes of this lovely shrub is its ease of care – it will have a first flush of bloom, then put on some growth and bloom as much again – just shape up the plant after each bloom, and do not prune severely – its beauty is in the profusion of bloom on a medium size plant.