Ocimum basilicum (Cinnamon)

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Product: Ocimum basilicum (Cinnamon)

Basil: Cinnamon

A terrific aroma: the brightness of basil mixes with the round, warm tones of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Basil isn’t just a quirky name for this variety–this basil actually tastes and smells like cinnamon. Both the spice and this variety of basil contain the chemical cinnamate, giving them their flavor. Cinnamon Basil has beautiful stems that are a dark purplish-red, topped with deep-green leaves that emit that warm, spicy scent. While basil usually enhances our favorite savory dishes, Cinnamon Basil’s sweetness make it a perfect addition to sugared dishes (fried bananas, apple pie, even tea). Or simply grow it to enjoy its aroma and bad-bug-ousting properties.

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