Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Snowflake’

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Product: Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Snowflake’
Retailer: Amazon

As with any royalty, Oak Leaf Hydrangea requires some devotion. Planting must be perfect. In our clay we plant high (3″ of roots above ground level) incorporate Pine Bark mulch into the clay, dig a shallow wide hole, and mulch with pure compost or manure and 1/4 c. blood meal and 1/8 c. 14-7-7 or 12-6-6. Then add 1″” of Hardwood Mulch to finish. Water each week the first year or plant in rainy season (Nov.). For sandy soil, plant deeper, (1″ above grade), amend soil with manure or compost only and fertilizer and hardwood mulch as above. Acidify alkaline soil. Zone 5-9.

  • Hydrangeas, Native Hydrangeas
  • 1.5 Gallon
  • 2 Year plants (8-12″)
  • Ships with Soil
  • Cannot ship to CA and HI