NY State Slate Garden Markers

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Product: NY State Slate Garden Markers

Set of four enduring, reusable, moisture-resistant slate garden markers. Inscribe with included white chinagraph pencil to help keep track of all your new plantings and seedlings. 9.5 x 1.25 x 0.5 inches. Sourced in upstate New York.

Formed deep underground through intense metamorphic processes, slate has always been prized for its ability to withstand the elements. For centuries, the distinctive way in which this stone cleaves into smooth layers has made it invaluable for use in construction and manufacturing. In the 1800’s elementary school students used a pencil made of soapstone or clay on a small piece of slate mounted in a wooden frame to practice penmanship and arithmetic problems. At the end of the day’s lessons, the slate could be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

With planting season at hand, the time has never been better to take a lesson of your own from the scholars of the past. These slate garden markers are designed to help organize your garden and keep track of your plantings and seedlings, and can be cleaned with soap and water for reuse at the start of a new season. In combination with a water-resistant chinagraph pencil, the smooth, dark surface allows you to write directly on the stone and then place them at the end of a row, in a planter, or beneath a new sapling. As beautiful as they are utilitarian, each stake is completely unique in color and stratification, and will endure the elements for seasons to come.

  • 9.5 inches x 1.25 inches x 0.5 inches (24 cm x 3.2 cm x 0.5 cm)
  • Set of four
  • Materials : Slate
  • Made in New York, U.S.A.