Northern Lights Mix

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Product: Northern Lights Mix

A colorful, carefree wildflower mix.

Blend of 14 perennials and reseeding annuals, designed for optimum performance in areas with short summers and long, harsh winters. Well-suited to Northern climates, providing a range of heights, colors and flower types from spring to fall. Colorful annuals the first year with some perennials blooming late summer. Second and subsequent years the perennials and reseeding annuals provide an ever-changing panorama of color. Mix contains: Blanket Flower, Annual Bachelor’s Button, Purple Coneflower, Lanceleaf and Plains Coreopsis, Blazing Star, Toadflax, Corn Poppy, Catchfly, Shasta Daisy, Black-eyed Susan, Foxglove, Dame’s Rocket, Phlox and Evening Primrose.

SEEDING RATE: PKT. (2 gm.), sows 100′ row or 25 sq.ft.; 1-2 oz./1,000 sq.ft.; 4 lb./acre. Full sun. Avg. 9,400 seeds/oz. Packet: 650 seeds.