Nordic Blue Bento’s Multi-Purpose Bags

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Product: Nordic Blue Bento’s Multi-Purpose Bags
Retailer: Ambatalia
Color: Blue

Great for buying grains, pastas, nuts and produce or using as a lunch and snack bag to send your little one off to school with out using disposables. These Bento bags are a great kitchen staple for any one that wants to avoid plastic or paper in their lives. You can even use as a bread bag for the table, cosmetic bag, toy storage or a small parts bag to keep with your household or work space tools.

  • TIPS – To avoid plastic and paper bags.  I like to have a few in my purse, a bunch in my car and the shopping bag filled with them in my kitchen. If you can take the time to look at the 5 Gyres and how plastics are killing wild life and polluting our food systems hopefully that will inspire you to avoid as much unnecessary waste as possible. 
  • MATERIALS – These Bento bags are made with 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton.

  • ORIGIN – Manufactured in San Francisco. 

  • SIZE – Offered in small and large, singles or quantities of 3.  Small measurements: Bottom 9.5″x 3.25″, depth 4.5″, bottom to top of tie 10.5″  Large measurements: Bottom 10″ x 5.5″, depth 5.5″, bottom to the top of tie 13″  

  • TARE –  weight- small 0.09 large 0.12.

  • Tare is the weight of an empty container. By subtracting it from the Gross weight,  the weight of the goods may be determined.