No. 325 Artisan Apron in Olive Waxed Canvas

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Product: No. 325 Artisan Apron in Olive Waxed Canvas
Retailer: Artifact Bags
Designer: Chris Hughes

I begin every workday with the ritual of putting on my apron. Its pockets contain my awl, a measuring tape, a metal ruler, a folded rag for leaky machines, a tailor crayon, a pencil, and my favorite wood-handled screwdriver. My apron has saved my clothing from spills and smudges that would have otherwise decommissioned them to shop rags. I think about all the people who make and maintain things: bakers, gardeners, woodworkers, cobblers, baristas, potters, sculptors, mechanics, chefs, and tinkerers. In admiration, I designed my Artifact aprons with all of you in mind.

  • 14 oz waxed canvas
  • Horween Leather
  • Vintage shuttle loomed taffeta label
  • Hand aged solid brass hardware


  • 29.5 inches wide
  • 29 inches tall
  • Hip adjustment up to 40″ (contact me if you need longer)