New Zealand White Clover

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Product: New Zealand White Clover

An improved pasture white clover. Previously sold under the name White Dutch Clover.

Once established, white clover can handle foot and tractor traffic better than other clovers. The fibrous root system typically is in the top 8″ of soil, although it does have up to a 40″ tap root in the first year which dies each fall, leaving a passage for water to percolate through. More heat tolerant than some of the larger clovers, it is a low-growing (to 12″) perennial that can be sown into long-season row crops during the season to provide a “living mulch.” Sow after first cultivation at 1/4 lb. per 1,000 sq.ft. (10 lb./acre) and rake or cultivate to cover. Also used for green manure, hay, and pasture. Inoculate for best performance. Avg. 750,000 seeds/lb.