New England Heirloom Seeds

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Product: New England Heirloom Seeds

Choose from eleven different varieties of heirloom seeds, including peas, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, chives and thyme. A wonderful way to jumpstart your kitchen garden for spring. Produced since 1811 in Wethersfield, CT.

Passed down through generations of farmers and home gardeners, an heirloom seed is one that has been cultivated for at least 50 years. Reliable, dependable, and offering a spectacular range of flavors and shapes, these plants provide a glimpse into a time before widespread genetic modification and hybridization turned a trip to the grocery store into a far more predictable event.

Produced by America’s longest continually operating seed company, these classic vegetables and herbs are open pollinated, meaning you can start saving your own seeds to pass on to future generations.

Prices start from $1.00 per packet of seeds.

  • Thomas Laxton Peas : 50 seeds
  • Parsley  : 400 seeds
  • Iceberg Lettuce : 150 seeds
  • Little Marvel Peas : 50 seeds
  • Paris White Cos Lettuce : 150 seeds
  • Thyme : 800 seeds
  • Southern Giant Mustard : 200 seeds
  • Long Cayenne Pepper : 20 seeds
  • Bonnie Best Tomato : 20 seeds
  • Chives : 300 seeds
  • California Wonder Pepper : 20 seeds