Nectaroscordum – siculum ssp. Bulgaricum

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Product: Nectaroscordum – siculum ssp. Bulgaricum

ssp. bulgaricum – greenish white, tinged plum; draws lots of attention in the garden; 24″-36″.
Many greenish white, hanging, bell-shaped, florets tinged plum to pink; at the top of a 2′-3′ stem forming one large, baseball sized flower; prefers well-drained soil and full sun; exotic addition to the late spring garden; superb cut flower; bulbs have strong garlic smell; very late spring; (10cm+).

  • Product Code:     33-0101
  • Genus:     Nectaroscordum
  • Cultivar:     siculum ssp. Bulgaricum
  • Family:     Liliaceae
  • Bulbs Per Sq Foot:     4 to 5
  • Color:     Purple
  • Height:     24″ To 32″
  • Origin:     Europe
  • Flowering Time:     Very Late Spring
  • Sun vs Shade:     Full Sun
  • Soil Moisture:     Average
  • Zones:     4, 5, 6, 7, 8