Natural Jute Twine String

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Product: Natural Jute Twine String
Retailer: Nutscene
brand: Nutscene

Natural Jute Twine String is also known as Nutscene Fillisâ„¢. Available here in spools from the Nutscene ® Classic Range

Nutscene use the term “˜Fillis’â„¢ to describe twine or jute string that has its natural colouring.

Natural Jute Twine String has many uses – in the garden, kitchen, craft room or classroom its usefulness is endless!

Biodegradable and safe to compost.

Nutscene® have been producing and manufacturing jute twine since 1922. Our twine is biodegradable and materials are sourced from renewable resources.

Natural jute colour, available in 3, 4 & 5 ply thicknesses for different jobs around the garden, (5 being the thickest). The higher the ply, the longer the twine will take to biodegrade. So use a higher ply for tougher jobs such as tying hardy shrubs.