Narcissus Thalia

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Product: Narcissus Thalia
Retailer: Van Engelen

Narcissus” has up to five pendant, white flowers per stem with recurved petals and a cup-shaped crown. A versatile heirloom selection, she is as well-suited for classic boxwood parterres as she is for iridescent all-white gardens and naturalized woodland drifts. Be sure to visit our new website see the myriad of ways in which Narcissus Thalia can be used with other varieties, like interplanted with tulips and Frittilaria imperialis Crown Imperial, or in a meandering ‘river’ flanked by thick ribbons of electric-blue Muscari armeniacum. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. April/May. 16″ to 18″. HZ: 4-9.