Narcissus Paperwhite ‘Nir’

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Product: Narcissus Paperwhite ‘Nir’


Narcissus Paperwhite ‘Nir’ – another new white cultivar; blooms a bit earlier and is a bit taller; moderate fragrance. (grows best when rooted at 50-60 degrees for a couple of weeks and then brought into lots of warmth and light); 17+cm bulbs.

Non-hardy tazetta daffodils, these are the bulbs that can be put in a pot and forced without any cold period. In fact, they should NEVER be put in the refrigerator! If you can’t pot them up as soon as you receive them, store them in a warm, dry place like ON TOP of the refrigerator; 17+cm unless otherwise noted. Culturally, very easy to grow, but their buds may ‘blast’ (never open) if subjected to too hot and dry environment inside your home; the heights are variable, depending on number of ‘light hours’ given. The fewer hours of light, the taller they will be. (Best rooted at 55-65 degrees; then kept at 65 degrees with bottom heat of 70+ degrees to ensure bloom)

  • Product Code : 41-0128
  • Genus : Narcissus
  • Cultivar : Nir
  • Family : Amaryllidaceae
  • Nickname : Paper White
  • Division : Division 8 – Tazetta
  • Bulbs Per Sq Foot : 4 to 5
  • Height : 12″ To 24″
  • Sun vs Shade : Full Sun
  • Soil Moisture : Average
  • Deer/Rodent Resistant : Yes
  • Indoor Bulb : Yes
  • Container Use : Yes
  • Cutting/Picking : Yes

5 bulbs for $3.32