Narcissus – Baths Flame

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Product: Narcissus – Baths Flame
Retailer: Shipton Bulbs

Another of the Rev. Englehearts beauties from before 1913. Could it be a reference to a sweetheart in Bath? This small cupped early to mid season daffodil has creamy yellow petals that do not fade, and an orange rim to the strong yellow cup.

  • English Name: Baths Flame
  • Latin Name: Narcissus
  • Flowering Time: Mar-April
  • Planting Instructions: Plant two times own depth.
  • Dispatch Time: Mid August to the End of October
  • Habitat:  Woodland, meadow. Prefers well drained soil which is moist during growing season. Partial shade or full sun.
  • Height cm: 30-45